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Maryvics Quintessence
Д.р. 02.08.2012

Грейси Грейси
Грейси Грейси
Dunstable & District Canine Society Open Show - 01.04.13, G.B.
BP & Puppy Group 3

Milton keynes and district Open Show - 25.08.13
1st Post Graduate, BOB, Terrier Group - 4

Maryvics Quintessence Rexlands Cock Robin Rexlands Ragged Robin
Brumberhill Basil
Ox Eye Daisy By Rexlands
Rexlands Serin
Gameway Kiwi
Ox Eye Daisy By Rexlands
Borderhouse Bette Davis Quatford Quatro Quatford Kardinal
Quatford Kindhart
Borderhouse Silly Susan Foxforest Taste Of Whisky
Arnakke For Ever Amber

Southern Border Terrier Club Open Show, 15.09.2013
Эксперт: Mrs Kathy Newsome (Kighill)
Attractive head, front ok, good bone with nice body lines and correct tail set.
Novice - Bitch: 1st

Derbyshire County Show, 23.06.2013
Эксперт: Mrs Karen Stockley (Foxfactor)
10 months gr b shown in excellent coat which is where she scored over 2,Liked her for size and bone at this age,feminine with a keen expression.Moderately broad,flat skull with neat well set ears,good bite,good in rib and length,easy span,well set tail of good length and shape,moved true both ways and holds a good top line going around.
First Place in Puppy

Bath Canine Society Championship Show, 24.05.2013
Эксперт: Mr Martin P Phillips
Very well balanced pup with good bone for age & size, very sound on the move, carrying a lovely head & body, in good order.
Second Place in Puppy - Bitch

Mar 23rd 2013 - Yorkshire, Lancashire & Cheshire Border Terrier Club Open Show
Эксперт: Mrs Jane Morton-Shaw (Fehmarn)
I liked this little girl and she’s a real eye-catcher. A neat youngster who was enjoying herself on the day – something I like to see from a ‘baby’. Excellent topline and movement on profile, good tailset and carroty tail, easily spanned. Dishing out with her front feet at the moment, but hopefully her front movement will tighten up with maturity. One to look out for in the future.
Minor Puppy - Bitch: 1st
Novice - Bitch: 2nd

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